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Technical Specification
1 Number of Layer 18 Layers 32 Layers
2 Lamination type FR4(Tg130-180), Halogen free lamination,Rogers,Teflon,Aluminum board,PI
3 Finish Board Thickness ?0.3 mm ~ 6 mm
4 Copper Thickness 5oz 12oz
5 Aspect rate 08:01 12:01
6 Impedance Single line 10% 8%
Differential line 10% 8%
7 Hole to line(min) on Pressing 4L 5mil 4mil
18L 10mil 8mil
32L 12mil 10mil
8 Line width/space Inner layer 3/3mil 2.5/2.5mil
Outer layer 3/3mil 3/3mil
9 Hole size Min drill bit 8mil 6mil
Min Laser hole 4mil 4mil
10 Hole position tolerance 3mil 3mil
11 PTH hole diameter tolerance 3mil 2mil
12 NPTH hole diameter tolerance 2mil 1mil
13 Solder mask Line to solder PAD 4mil 3mil
Registration tolerance 2mil 1.5mil
14 Profile tolerance Punching 5mil
Routing 4mil 2mil
15 E-Test SMT pitch(min) 9mil 9mil
BGA pitch(min) 18mil 18mil
16 Peelable mask thickness? 5mil 5mil
17 Carbon ink thickness 0.3mil 0.3mil
18 Lead and lead free HASL thickness SMD:40-2000u
19 Immersion Au Au thickness 1-5u 1-5u
Ni thickness 80-200u 80-200u
20 Immersion tin thickness 0.8-1.2um 0.8-1.2um
21 OSP thickness 0.2-0.5um 0.1-0.6um
22 Immersion silver thickness 0.15-0.45um 0.15-0.45um


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